Thursday, October 6, 2011

Take a look at this!

I'm working on a giftie for you, just need to check to make sure I did not do anything too stupid with it -like leaving out a shadow all know how that works, right? So just maybe to morrow we'll be ready?

Meantime I want to show you what Debbie did with a quick page I had made. It is so cool to see the pages 'in action'! Debbie is a good one for downloading pages, actually using them AND posting them in galleries! Thank you Debbie! You can head on over to Debbie blog to see more of her LO's and slideshows of her amazing heritage albums! (ps...look out for QP freebies while you visit!)

This Quick Page is still available HERE

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GrannyNKy said...

It is such a pleasure to "show-off" my boys with your blog gift. Thanks so much for mentioning my blog! I am afraid I have been neglecting it lately but hope to get back on track with it soon.