Thursday, August 5, 2010

My Sister's Book

I do more than just this year's pages, really...although you won't necessarily be able to tell, reading this blog, would you? I just don't always get round to posting the LO's here.

Aside from our current album, I'm also working on previous years (making photo books, doing a monthly page, with extras as needed) like this one which is for the 2008 book : (credits here)

and then I continue to work away at that wonderful pile of pictures (they arrived in the mail in the form of negatives, which I scan and then retouch - the retouching sometimes takes longer to do that making the page.) I'm pretty pleased with how these are turning out. Here is a couple page for my oldest sister's book :

Sitting Pretty : I leave space for her to add the story, date etc. That way I know the facts are correct and that allows her to personalize the book as she leaves it, eventually, to her kids & grand kids.

I thought Kimberly Stewart's Happy Day Kit was perfect for it. Worn, bleached and shabby looking enough to compliment the pictures.

Here is another page for the same sister's book using pictures one would normally not print. I had actually never seen these pictures until they appeared on my screen from the scanner. My mom never had the prints in the house because they were 'flops'  I agree...but I think they have a charm all their own and they are too precious to discard... Cute & Candid

for this I used a template by Tracey Monette (n/a) and the kit is Cathy Bretz's "Perfect Summer Day" which I think again compliments the pictures beautifully. I know it is all part of being CT, but I really appreciate how many designers allow me to make wonderful books using their beautiful designs!!

Better get back to Week 30...I can hear Photoshop calling my name.....

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