Tuesday, June 15, 2010

I'm back...at least I think so!

...part of me is running waaaaay ahead of me and some bits are stragglin behind...know the feeling? ROFLOL.

I still have lots of LO's to catch up on (including weekly pages and holiday pictures) but I can at least update this with what I have, right? Click on the 'Week...' to go to the gallery for complete credits!

Pictures/previews/links for this page have been removed due to Designers retiring and stores closing

Week 18

Fortunately after posting this I saw that I had left the edge guidelines (greyed areas) on this and fixed it double quick! ACK
Week 19

Week 20

I keep telling myself that I need to use different colours, but you know I keep coming back to the neutrals and naturals. Maybe because I have so many nature shots, but also because the seem to go so nicely with a wide range of pictures.
Makes sense to me!!

More coming up soon!

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