Wednesday, April 4, 2018

Knitting - Socks

Finally - the socks are done. In the end I knitted more than 2 socks what with taking out, changing the plans etc and decided to stay with the 2.25mm needles.

I ended up going with The Moccasin Toe by Donna Druchunas on Craftsy.
Craftsy had a time of free access to their classes, which I took advantage of, in early March. I don't know what the alternate name for this style of toe would be. So far I have not been able to find another example of it. I definitely like knitting it, and assume that it will wear just fine.

And here is the toe, side and top view, on the finished socks.

The heel I did in German short rows. I like the way Arne (Arne & Carlos) explained how he knits them. Personally I like his no fuss, no nonsense approach to knitting. Here is the video

For the leg bit I decided on a k4, p2 rib. I like the look better than the k1,p1. I made the ribbed area quite long and with the right side showing. On the picture I folded the cuff over but in real life I never do that, so knitted the rib accordingly.

All done and ready to be worn. With spring taking it's good time to show up, I will be getting use out of these before long!

I think one should be careful with knitting socks. It is the sort of thing that could become a bit of a habit. Fortunately, like a good pair of mittens, they will make great gifts!

I'm looking forward to knitting my next pair!

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