Friday, March 17, 2017

Yearbook - November 2014

I am still quietly plugging away at the yearbooks. It is such a treat to have one printed. I don't know that I will ever get used to the thrill of paging through these and enjoying the memories all over again. I have also found them to be very useful for questions such as : " when did we...?" I've solved many a mystery along those lines by pulling a photo yearbook off the shelf!

2014 is close to finish now, just a few more pages to go. Here is one of the three pages for November -

The alpha for this is by SeatroutScraps over at GingerScraps. It is a free gift as part of her monthly challenge  'A Year of Blessings'  There is still time for you to get the alpha and use it on a page to earn a point towards the monthly kit. (complete 10 challenges = earn a free kit. I really like that the points can be accumulated over months, so that if you cannot complete all 10 in one month, you do not loose your progress. For me that is a big plus in taking part in challenges)

The kit is 'Turning Leaf'  an older kit, but I'm such a 'sucker' for those colours and it suited my page so well.

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