Monday, March 29, 2010

Week 12 - 2010

Still at it ;-) The photobook finally arrived (this is the one I did of 2009. Monthly pages with some extras thrown in to make 20 pages) and I'm totally pleased with the result!

I opted for the suede finish on the (hard) cover, and will try a different finsh for the next one, simply beacause I like veriety :D Then again, the same finish in different colours could be nice...
Seeing the result and the small adjustments I need to make (to accomodate bleeding off the page) has gotten me all stoked to get more books done asap! LOL.
I'll do 2008 next and go back to Week 01 of 2010 and adjust the psd files so the pages will be ready to print the book for the first 6 months in July!
This Week 12 LO, will be done straight away too. I noticed a grammatical error, so while I go and fix that, I'll go ahead and get it 'book ready'

The neatest of all is how much my guys like the book. Hubby (bless him) was so pleased with it, he really appreciates all the effort I put into these. It is nice to know we both value such things, and our sons seem to value it too, although one may expect them to 'blow it off' at their current ages. It makes me sooo happy!

And here you go : Week 12 and the credits are HERE Pictures/previews/links for this page have been removed due to Designers retiring and stores closing

Thanks for stopping by! I've been busy making goodies for designers, but hopefully I'll get time soon to make something for you!

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