Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Reading Adventures...

So I finally started reading "Moby Dick" I've been wanting to read it for many years and was quite ready to start it...BUT I was not quite ready for what I found! Yikes!

I'm sure it appeals to some, and I'm sure it could be appreciated, but I'm not going to put myself through that. I can stand long winded and tedious as long as I get a draft of cool fresh water once in a while, but this book doesn't even give you a spplash of cold ocean! It was one loooong yawn, till I got a good way into it...then I flaked out, read the end, and called it a day...enough is enough people!

So I picked up my copy of the Ibsen play "A Doll's House" instead. Much better reading (already!)

If you are interested to read Moby Dick for yourself (you have been warned!) you can find the e-book at Project Gutenberg. (there is even a computer generated audio book available) although the thought of a computer reading Moby Dick is incredibly scary...then again at least the 'puter will feel no pain in the process....ROFLOL

I think it may be a good idea for me to do some additional reading before attempting to read it again. Sparknotes should help me out with that. Sometimes one's just gotta know what you're looking at kwim?

Or maybe I should just watch the movie eh?

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