Thursday, October 7, 2010

All dressed Up....

...and nowhere to go! LOL...well what do older siblings do on a long boring Sunday afternoon? Dress up lil sis of course! Lil sis being me...and I don't looked pleased at all ROFLOL. I never look at this picture without being amused. See my grandma's legs there in the background? She was reading the paper sitting with her feet in the sun. She used to love doing does my mom ;-)

You can find the links and credit info HERE , but I can tell you that most of  the goodies I used are from Rina Kroes' items for the U Build It Collection at Scrapbook-Elements The items in the UBI Collection all coordinate and this collection has work from 11 designers. Next friday (15/10) this 'Simply Feminine' collection will be replaced by a new collection. 'Simply Feminine' will continue to be available, albeit at slightly higher prices in the 'Past Offerings' area of the store.
The rest of the items on my page are also by Rina Kroes and include a newsletter gift and items from her Marsmallow Collection

and here is just one of Rina's 'Simply Femine UBI items in close up : Lacy Page Borders

Lace and flowers....aaaaaaahhhhh.

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