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Exploring The Neighbourhood
Cathy K's 'Nature Walk Bundle

Baby It's Cold Outside!
Cathy K - Snow Fun

Remember When
Cathy K - Reminiscing

Hanging Out With Friends
Cathy K's Country Roads

Sweet Family
Cathy Krenek's - Sweet Talk

Give Us a Hug!
Cathy Krenek's 'Currently'

Free Hugs
Cathy Krenek's Bear Hugs'

Jedediah Island
Cathy Krenek's 'Under The Sea'

Tiny Treasures
Cathy Krenek's Woodland Spring Kit

Yearbook 2001
Cathy Krenek's 'Mud on the Tires'

Yearbook -2017 - December
Cathy Krenek 'Winterberry Frost'

Smith Family 
Cathy Krenek 'Formal Night'

Yearbook 2016 - Christmas
Cathy Krenek's 'Christmas Traditions'

Family History - The Sofias
Cathy Krenek's 'Time For Wine'

Great Grandma's Hand Sewing
Cathy Krenek's Handmade With Love

Visiting With Family
Cathy K's Egg-Citing Easter Kit

100th Birthday
Cathy K's 'Love Always Kit

In Father`s Footsteps
Cathy K`s Beautiful Mini Kit

Lovely Little Jane
Cathy K's 'Be An Optimist' Kit.

Space Museum - Kona

Cathy Krenek's 'Reach For The Stars'

Wellness Oasis
Cathy Krenek - One Fine Day

St Helen's Beach
Cathy Krenek - Seaworthy

Pa & Ma Visiting Zimbabwe
Cathy Krenek - Denim & Lace Kit

Sister Friends & Freebie QP
Cathy Krenek - Capture The Moment

Happy Birthday Gogo
Cathy Krenek. 'It's Your Birthday'

I {Heart} You
Cathy Krenek

Once Upon A Snowflake
PDW December 2015 Collab

Little Snow Angels - Card and Freebie
Kimberly Stewart's 'Little Snow Angels'

Thanksgiving Freebie
Kimberly Stewart's Thanksgiving Pilgrims

Pygmy Owl
Cathy Krenek -Autumn Spice & Freebie

Autumn Fun - Yearbook 1998
Cathy Krenek's Fall Into Autumn

Yearbook July - Harvest Time

Cathy Krenek's Applelicious

Yearbook July 2015
Cathy Krenek's Designs - Carefree & Freebie

Yearbook June 2015
Snickerdoodles Designs

Seaside Holiday
Cathy Krenek - 'Beach Fun' Kit

Backyard Wildlife 

Lonetta Avelar's 'Backyard Oasis Collection'

Visiting Wintershoek

Seize The Day Collab (June 2015 daily download) by Cathy Krenek & Kathryn Estry for Gingerscraps

Two Things I Ask - Journal/Quote Page

Lonetta Avelar's "Priceless Collection"

'Girly' - Free Mini Kit

Young Charlotte
Lonetta Avelar's "Rush" Mini Kit

Working at the Agricultural Research Station
"Farm Stand" Collab at Plain Digital Wrapper

Namibia Holiday

Lonetta Avelar's 'Happy Go Lucky' Bundle

Sugar & Spice Free Mini Kit  - April 2015

Vanilla Mint Cream Free Mini Kit  - March 2015

Holiday Fun - 

Cathy Krenek's 'Vintage Carnival Collection'

Together - 65 Years 

Lonetta Avelar's 'Yesteryear Collection'

Yearbook 2013 - Catching Up

The Early Years - 

Family Farm - 

Lonetta Avelar's 'Sweeping Hearts Collection

Heritage Scrapbooking -

Kimberly Stewart's "Kissed By Spring"

Day Trip 1944 -

Lonetta Avelar's 'Stray Ships Collection'

Kimberly Stewart New Store and Freebie

Family Wedding -

Lonetta Avelar's 'Love Away Collection'


 Lonetta Avelar's 'Soul Perch Collection'

Yearbook - December 1994-

Cathy Krenek's "Snowy Day Bundle"

Leaving A Legacy-

Lonetta Avelar's "Aught Missed Collection"

Heritage Album Cover-

Lonetta Avelar's "Old Volumes Collection"

Christmas Traditional Page Overlay freebie

'Bold Beauty' A LO and Freebie (QP)

November 26, 2014

Whispers of Winter Freebies

Freebie 12 x 12 Overlay and 12 x 12 Quick Page.

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