Thursday, June 9, 2022

Puzzle Adventures - July 2021

 Well here is a fun one. I bought this last year, but only got round to doing it now. I enjoyed it very much and it was just a nice level of difficulty. I keeper for sure.

Eurographics - Seashell Collection', 1000 pieces

Lots of fun details...I love shell, this puzzle was toe-curling delicious to do.

Thursday, July 1, 2021

Puzzle Adventures - June 2021

 Doing my own thing from now on, no more challenges, Just don't want to tick boxes right now,,,hehe

Dowdle - 'Peggy's Cove' 1000 pieces. I really enjoyed this one. Very pretty and a keeper for sure.

Nice little heron detail

And the lighthouse of course!

And they must have lobsters too!

This was a freebie in my local puzzling group. It looked like it would be really hard, but it was fun instead. There was no piece count, but I'm guessing 500 or so
which helped to make it easier. I think it will be tricky if 1000 pieces! 

I was glad to pass it will be a popular one for sure.

I went away for a few days and decided to take a quickie puzzle with, so I did this very nice Cobble Hill one again : 'Flower Cupboard' , 500 pieces, Artist - Janet Kruskamp

Next up a puzzle I traded some time ago and finally got round to doing it. I really enjoyed it too. A keeper to be done again for sure.

Eurographics, 'Cupcake Celebration', 1000 pieces

Another quickie done a second time...this was another 'freebie' I got locally. It will also relocate to a new home.
Love all the bright colours for such. Fun illustration!

Another fun puzzle! This one has a lot of details and is colourful and interesting to  do. Nice quality too.

And finally...this interesting and enjoyable 'Candy Shelf' 500 piece puzzle by Cobble Hill. 

I've been enjoying these 500 piece puzzles, particularly the Cobble Hill ones. Yeah, I'm biased...I know....

Summer has really come to us here in Canada. I think I need some beach, ocean and underwater themed puzzle for July!

Saturday, June 5, 2021

Puzzle Adventures - May 2021

 Since Mother's Day gifts arrived early this year, I started with those : 2 Ravensburger Puzzles. Great quality, love them!

I started with the 1500 piece cottage scene. Needed the larger puzzle board for this one, but it worked well, and for a 100% digitally generated image, it was not too bad. I rather enjoyed doing it and can certainly see myself doing it again. Besides is is so 'springy'!

Nice little details on the pond...

And loving this sewing room, packed with little details. As a person who likes to sew, I 'get' this room!

I was buying a puzzle via Facebook from a local person, only she 'accidentally' sold the one I wanted and I ended up with this one instead. Not a bad deal, it is a Cobble Hill and the picture was more enjoyable than I expected. It is called 'Ceramica' 

This puzzle was interesting. I was given it by a friend here locally. She had offered it for free on the local swap/trade group and nobody wanted it. I decided to take a plunge with it as those colours were so pretty. It was not easy to get under way, but once into it, I enjoyed it. And it is every bit as pretty as I expected!

There's little critters hiding in the vegetation...

I hope the next in line for this puzzle enjoys it as much as I did.

Friday, May 28, 2021

Cards - 2020 Round-Up

 I made a lot of cards this year, like I always do, just never really kept track of them. I do have a few pictures though. Finally got a proper set-up for taking better images. That was long overdue indeed.

Literally just a small selection, that I remembered to photograph, from 2020.

Art Impressions - who does not like a little hedgehog? And I do so like a card to can be displayed!

And cats cats cats... what else do you give a cat lover but lots of cats?
These stamps are by Penny Black. They are individual images that I piled together for the card front.

A gentle and sweet  bridge style Mother's Day card for our Daughter-In-Love using cut files from Lettering Delights, Mommy and Me (affiliate link!)

More Penny Black for Christmas tags...

And a layering stamp set by Hero Arts for a birthday card. Ink smooshing and an embossing folder for colour and texture on the background with assorted die-cuts to finish it off.

For another birthday I pulled out this old All Night Media wood block stamp of mine. Sometimes it is nice to revisit old 'friends' I've had for many years and that I have used for many cards over the years.

I decided to jazz it up a bit by making it into a shaker card and since I hand delivered it, I was able to make the 3 dimensional flowers out of tissue paper to add that something special to the card.

I like the way that turned out! I used a spray of alcohol ink for colour and a touch of gold for the edged of the petals.

I teamed the card with a gift of sugar hand soap scrubs for my gardening loving friend.

And that is a wrap for cards from 2020. Stay tuned for a post showing the recent card making spate.

Wednesday, May 26, 2021

Puzzle Adventures - April 2021

 In between crocheting, and now knitting, for a new grandbaby, making greeting cards and spring cleaning...I've been doing a few puzzles this month.

I started with this very fun one that I traded some time last year and had not yet done. I really enjoyed it. It was not difficult but very interesting.

I did it for the 'Food' Monthly Theme Challenge. The title is 'Donuts' and the brand Jack Pine, with a 1000 piece count.

For the Alphabet Challenge I entered this one for 'E is for Elephant'
What a fun puzzle. I got this from a fellow puzzler here locally. It is called a 'sand' puzzle as all the sand coloured areas on the puzzle have a sanded finish. Small grains are embedded in the ink so that there is the added tactile experience when you assemble it. I liked it and loved the bright colours. It certainly has an African vibe.
'Elephants' by Clementoni at 500 piece count.

'Dolphins Dawn' by MB, also a 500 piece count puzzle.
This one has been on the pile for a few months, waiting for warmer weather.
It was quick to do, and the colours are nicely saturated.

Next one for the Alphabet Challenge was J - is for Jars for which I did this panorama puzzle 'Sweet Shoppe' by Bits & Pieces. It was okay to build, but not my favourite so I traded it as soon as it came off the board...

I'd been waiting for spring to do this 'Spring Birdhouse' beauty by Cobble Hill. Ahhh the nice! And since it was a new puzzle, that delicious smell. Cobble Hill puzzles have a unique smell that I really like.

And finally for April, this kitten one. Kitchen Capers ...or something to that effect, by Buffalo. It was fun to do, but the quality is not so good. Not the best if you start building with glue in hand to stick delaminating layers back in place. The price reflects that though, so I guess in the end it evens out, but straight after a Cobble Hill it felt pretty awful.

I'm behind posting, so I guess I'd better get on with the post for May! Yikes!