Wednesday, March 31, 2021

Puzzle Adventures - March 2021

 Puzzle fun continues into spring and what better way to start than with this lovely Cobble Hill one featuring the art of Edith Holden? I did this before and enjoyed it very much the second time round again!

Love the bunny! It was also my entry for the Alphabet Challenge B - for Bunnies

This one also filled the Challenge of 'Flowers' for the Monthly Themes Facebook Group

And for the ongoing Alphabet Challenge - M is for Moonlight...a final snowy picture for now... this one is by Buffalo

And this jewel was gifted to me by a local fellow puzzler. It was a joy all the way! Alice in Wonderland and is a Jumbo brand.
I wasn't sure if areas may be tedious, but it never got to that stage. It was great start to finish.

High quality art for sure.

Delightful details in the caterpillar too...

And finally another Cobble Hill - Flower Cupboard' a very enjoyable and quick 500piece beauty. This also fitted into the 'Flowers' category for the Monthly Challenge.

I wonder if this is just an ornament or whether it is one of those little clay whistles?

And a little fun birdhouse...

Puzzle Adventures - World Puzzle Days - February 2021

 Round up for World Puzzle Days for 2021

I was given this beautiful Cobble Hill for my birthday. Loved every minute of this one!

A few of my favourite details...

A fun Valentine Stamps one from Bits and Pieces

And of course...some fun details!

Love the variety of teacups in this Cobble Hill one. It is a great build!

And wrapping up this month with this chuckle-packed image by Jan Van Haasteren. It is by Jumbo.

This one, like all Van Haasteren puzzles, is full of fun details too...

It was a fun month, and not a bad effort for World Puzzle Days. Now it's time for spring and Spring themed puzzles!

Thursday, January 28, 2021

Puzzle Adventures - World Puzzle Days 2021

 World Puzzle days, over at Puzzler's Paradise is off to a flying start! I have a lower expectancy for number of puzzles to complete this year, instead I'm just enjoying the nightly hour and a half or so of building and we'll see what happens.

First up this Dowdle for C -is for Cities in the Alphabet Challenge

Title - 'London'

Brand -Dowdle

Piece Count - 1000

Artist - Eric Dowdle

Although quite dark in colour (it is a Dowdle after all!) I really enjoyed this one.

Lovely little details on the buildings.

And the last season  for the 'Country Diary' series by Cobble Hill. I'm ready to do the spring one again as soon as March arrives!

Adorable little birds all over this one!

This little wren is the cutest!

I like cats and I like Cobble Hill and although this was not terrible, it is in the 'to trade' pile for sure. Just did not get exciting at any point, but a few chuckles from the quotes made up for that.

Next up was L- is for Lighthouses over at the Puzzling Together Alphabet Event
Title - Holiday Boat Parade
Brand - Sure-Lox
Piece Count -1000
Artist - Heronim

Although I had done this next puzzle in December, a copy that was missing 2 pieces, I was given a new one for Christmas, so I traded the other one and decided to do it again this month. It is such a lovely puzzle! Eurographics sure has nice ones. This one is called 'Vintage Christmas Cards'

And another beauty I was given as a Christmas gift. This one travelled all the way from England. Such a fun image with all the animals and of course that hedgehog. Oh my goodness that hedgehog!!! It was a quick built and a very nice one. Produced by Otter House Limited and the RSPD.

Saturday, January 2, 2021

Puzzle Adventures - December 2020

 Where did December go!?!

For the alphabet challenge I did I is for Ice Skating. A fun little Dowdle puzzle entitled 'Over The River'

Followed by a bunch of Christmas and winter Themed puzzles. I enjoyed every single one of them!

This one by Serendipity is older, and beautiful but the puzzle quality is quite ghastly! So many pieces are loosing lamination, I literally did it with glue bottle in hand. It was worth it though.

Lovely little details in these images...

For Gingerbread House Day on December 12th, I did this Dowdle one, aptly named 'Gingerbread House' it is such a fun image loaded with tongue-in-the-cheek characters.

Next up this stunning one by Eurographics. This is one sadly missing a couple pieces, but I was gifted a new one for Christmas, so this one will go up for trade.

Love this little image on the Christmas card

For the alphabet challenge, A is for Animals. The challenge stipulated more than one type of animal and I think 'Christmas Pies' by Larry Jones delivered. It was a great build and by now I know to just start anywhere with these Bits & Pieces puzzles, no point in trying to do the border first. Many inside pieces have straight edges, which defeats that effort. I do, however, store the edges separately for the next time I do them...

Adorable little mouse with a veritable feast at it's paws. No wonder it is smiling!

And to top it of a Christmas themed 'Santa's Workshop' by Dowdle. I enjoyed it, but it is not my favourite Dowdle. Rather dark and some of those character's faces look downright creepy. We'll see whether it makes it until next Christmas or join the 'to trade' pile before then...

And that's another year of puzzling done. And not a single Cobble Hill among them. That is unusual for sure!

On to World Puzzling Days next starting in January...