Monday, March 16, 2020

Just Adding Colour...

Time to catch up on some colouring pages...I always a few books by my side so that even a few minutes can be translated into a refreshing colourful little jaunt!

These pages are from 'Tally Ho!' by  Lizzie Mary Cullen. I really like her drawing style and liked the idea of English/British images in the book. I enjoy it when colouring pages have little items to find or identify on the pages and this one has little items tucked into the drawing that relate to the quote. I enjoy looking for those!

There's a few books in the series, but I thought this one would give me plenty to colour.

I was particularly keen to do these 'Canterbury Tales' pages. I took my time and enjoyed the journey. No pun intended!

This was the first page to colour as we had  visited the Isle of Wight and Osborne House, just prior to me getting this book. It seemed the 'right' place to start in a book about the UK.

I don't agree with the sentiment of the 'saying' or quote on this one, but I did want to colour the picture....

Tally Ho by Lizzie Mary Cullen  The current price on Amazon Canada is insane, but this is what the book looks like. The price on ABE Books is much better.

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